Best Subscription Services of 2024 (Top Sites Ranked)

When working as a freelance writer, choosing the right subscription services to power your writing is crucial to getting online and making your services available worldwide. From dedicated web hosting accounts to best headline analyzing websites, financially investing into you business and tapping into the best subscription services can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best subscription-based services for writers, along with my top 5 choices, so you can pick the best one.

Best Website Hosting

Build better sites and stores with fully managed hosting from Hostinger with faster speeds, stronger security, scalability, and trusted support for beginners.

Best Headline Analyzer
Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule

This invaluable tool helps you craft compelling headlines that capture attention and improve engagement. By analyzing and scoring your headlines based on proven metrics, it guides you to create titles that resonate with your audience, enhancing the visibility and impact of your articles. 

Best Writing Assistant

Wordtune is an essential tool, offering real-time suggestions to refine and enhance your writing. It helps in rephrasing sentences for clarity, tone, and style, making your content more engaging and professional. This AI-powered assistant is perfect for crafting compelling, easy-to-read articles, ensuring your nursing expertise is communicated effectively.

Best Proofreader

Grammarly is invaluable for beginner writers, offering advanced grammar, spelling, and style checks. It ensures your writing is error-free and polished, enhancing your professional credibility.

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As a nurse stepping into the world of writing, you’re embarking on a journey that blends your medical expertise with the art of storytelling.

Whether you’re aiming to inform, educate, or inspire, the right set of tools can elevate your writing, ensuring your message captivates your audience.

In the digital age, where content is king, having the best resources at your fingertips is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity.

That’s where our curated list of top subscription-based services comes in. 

Designed specifically for new nurse writers, these tools address the unique challenges you’ll face, from establishing a robust online presence to ensuring each word you write carries the desired impact. 

They’re more than just aids; they’re partners in your journey to becoming a successful writer. With these services, you can focus on what you do best—sharing your nursing insights and experiences—while outsourcing the technical and stylistic nuances to the experts.

These subscription-based services reviews will give you two simple takeaways:

  1. How to pick the best subscription-based services for you to crush it from day one.
  2. How to save the most money at checkout with the most significant discounts (up to 90%).

Whether you’re just getting your writing career off the ground or a seasoned blogger looking to upscale your business, let’s pick the best services and save money.

What Are The Best Subscription Services For New Writers?

The best subscription services for new writers enhance writing quality and streamline your digital presence, the literal key to your success.

My top picks are Hostinger, Wordtune, Headline Analyzer, Plagiarism Checker X,  and Grammarly.

Most hosting companies give you steep introductory discounts (sometimes FREE), making it easy to get started.

Here are my top picks for the best subscription-based services:

Table of Contents

1. Hostinger

Best Managed WordPress Hosting ($1.99 per month). 

Lemetria’s Take

Hostinger is ideal for those businesses that want to manage their WordPress hosting most efficiently. For ecommerce businesses that run on this platform (and also want to scale), Hostinger is the #1 solution to go for.

Best For

Overall Web Hosting


$1.99/mo – $19.99/mo

Annual Discount

Yes – 2 Months Free

Powering over 2 million websites, Hostinger is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider. They also provide hosting for various other platforms, such as e-commerce stores. 

Hostinger is an excellent option for ecommerce businesses since it has everything you need to handle dynamic sites. 

On top of that, free WordPress migrations are available with all their plans.  

You don’t need special skills to create a WordPress website, as Hostinger provides stencils for rapid site creation. Plus you can create up to 100 different websites under a single plan.

And you can always reach out to their customer support if you have any questions. WordPress experts are available every time of the day via phone or live chat. 

Key Features:

  • Advanced caching
  • Daily backups
  • Image lazy loading
  • 99.9% guaranteed Uptime
  • WordPress core updates and WordPress plugin updates
  • One-click staging site (clone of your live website)
  • Malware Scanner
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Always-on security monitoring
  • 24/7/365 customer support

The hosting plans also come powered an AI powered assistant with plugins.

Hostinger AI Assistant is a free in-house WordPress AI plugin. Available for Business web hosting and Cloud hosting users, the plugin streamlines content creation through an intuitive and integrated interface.

The AI content generator can produce complete blog posts and is accessible directly via the WordPress admin dashboard. Users can navigate to Hostinger from the sidebar to find the AI assistant tab.


Hostinger offers four pricing plans: 

  • Single – $1.99 monthly (1 site, 50 GB SSD Storage, 100 GB Bandwidth)
  • Premium – $1.99 monthly (100 sites, 100 GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • Builder– $3.49 monthly (100 sites, 200 GB NVMe Storage, Unlimited bandwidth)
  • Cloud Startup– $8.99 monthly (300 sites, 200 GB NVMe Storage, Unlimited bandwidth)

2. Wordtune

Best AI Writing Assistant ($2.95/month)

Lemetria’s Take

For those new to Wordtune, it’s an AI-driven writing tool that transforms the way you write. Acting as a virtual writing assistant, Wordtune offers real-time suggestions to improve the clarity, coherence, and style of your sentences. Ideal for new writers, it helps in crafting well-structured, engaging content that communicates your ideas more effectively.

Best For

Overall AI Writing Assistant


$0.00/mo – $14.99/mo

Annual Discount

Yes – 7 Months Free

  • Enhanced Clarity and Coherence: It suggests alternative phrasings to make your writing clearer and more concise, which is essential for delivering your message effectively.

  • Style Adjustment: Wordtune aids in fine-tuning the tone and style, ensuring it aligns with your target audience and writing goals.

  • Time Efficiency: By offering immediate rewriting suggestions, it accelerates the editing process, allowing you to devote more time to creative aspects of writing.

  • Boosting Confidence: Especially beneficial for new writers, Wordtune builds confidence by enhancing the quality of their writing.

  • Learning and Development: It acts as a learning tool, helping you understand better ways to articulate thoughts and improving your writing skills over time.

In essence, Wordtune is not just a tool but a partner in your writing journey, supporting you in developing more impactful and polished writing, a key for success in the competitive field of content creation.

Key Features:

  • Has Google Chrome Extension
  • Multiple output results to choose from 
  • AI paraphrasing tool to rewrite sentences, paragraphs or entire pages
  • AI summarizer: Summarize blog articles, PDFs, YouTube videos and more
  • Use on desktop, mobile device or using your favorite apps, like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp 
  • Able to make your sentences casual, formal, shorter, or more expansive

Wordtune is more than just a writing assistant; it’s your gateway to factual accuracy and credibility.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, reliable information is crucial, and that’s where Wordtune excels. Unlike ordinary tools that only offer wording suggestions, Wordtune goes a step further by grounding your writing in verifiable facts. They meticulously check at least five different sources before confirming the credibility of a fact.

This rigorous approach ensures that every piece of information you include in your writing is not only compelling but also trustworthy.

With Wordtune, you’re not just enhancing your writing; you’re bolstering it with the power of truth, making your content stand out for its accuracy and reliability.

It’s the perfect tool for writers who prioritize integrity and excellence in their work.


Wordtune offers four pricing plans monthly, each with unlimited text corrections:

  • Free – $0/month (10 Rewrites a day,  3 AI prompts a day, 3 summaries a day)
  • Plus – $24.99/mo (30 Rewrites a day, 5 AI prompts a day, 5 summaries a day)
  • Unlimited – $37.50/mo (Unlimited Rewrites and Spices, Unlimited summaries)
  • Business – $74.97/mo (Everything in Unlimited SAML SSO, Brand tone (Beta)

What I Like About Wordtune:

  • Allows editing from single words to full paragraphs, offering an extensive range of rephrasing options.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome and Google Docs for convenient, in-context writing assistance.

  • Available both as a browser extension and on its website, providing versatile access for various writing needs.

What I Dislike About Wordtune:

  • Subscription pricing may be high for new or occasional users.

  • In Google Docs, Wordtune requires text on a single page, which can be limiting for longer documents where text is sometimes carried over to the next page.

  • May occasionally suggest edits that don’t align perfectly with the intended context or tone.

3. Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule

Best Headline Analyzing Website ($29.99/year)

Lemetria’s Take

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule helps you create SEO-driven, engaging headlines. It scores titles on key aspects like word balance and keyword usage, guiding you to optimize for search engines and reader appeal.

This tool is crucial for making your content stand out and attract more traffic.

Best For

Clickworthy SEO Headlines


$29.99/yr – $499.99/year

Annual Discount

Yes – 2 Months Free

For new writers, Headline Analyzer is particularly beneficial.

It demystifies the art of headline creation, providing clear, actionable feedback that helps in understanding what makes a headline effective.

This learning process is invaluable, helping to develop skills in crafting headlines that not only draw readers in but also align with SEO best practices.

As a result, it accelerates a new writer’s ability to produce compelling content that resonates with audiences and performs well online

Key Features:

  • SEO Score
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Captivate your audience with the right word balance
  • Optimize the number of words to drive engagement
  • Discover whether your headline is easily understood at a glance
  • Reach the ideal number of characters to improve SEO readability
  • Gauge the type of emotion your headline conveys 

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule extends its usefulness beyond just web content.

For social media, it’s perfect for creating post headlines that are more likely to engage and captivate the audience, leading to increased likes, comments, and shares.

In email marketing, it helps optimize subject lines, ensuring that your emails stand out in cluttered inboxes and achieve higher open rates.

When it comes to writing advertising copy, Headline Analyzer can be instrumental in refining ad headlines to enhance their appeal, thereby significantly boosting click-through rates and overall campaign success.


Headline Analyzer offers eight pricing plans: 

  • 25 credits/mo – $29 annually/ $6 monthly
  • 50 credits/mo – $49 annually/ $9 monthly 
  • 100 credits/mo – $79 annually/ $11 monthly
  • 200 credits/mo – $99/ annually/ $15 monthly
  • 400 credits/mo – $129 annually/ $17 monthly 
  • 800 credit/mo – $149 annually/$23 monthly
  • 1600 credits/mo  $199 annually/$34 monthly
  • Unlimited – $299 annually/$56 monthly

What I Like About Headline Analyzer:

  • You can connect your Headline Studio account to WordPress to score your headlines directly in the posts you write. Easily collaborate on headlines with convenient team access.
  • The tool’s clear and actionable feedback is highly regarded for making headline optimization straightforward and effective.
  • It’s top-tier for crafting headlines that lead to higher reader engagement and click-through rates.

What I Dislike About Headline Analyzer:

  • The free version the tool (10 free credits) offers limited functionality, pushing them towards a paid subscription for full access.
  • If you’re anxiety-prone, there’s concern that focusing too heavily on SEO metrics can sometimes lead to headlines that feel less authentic or forced.
  • New writers might find the tool’s detailed analytics overwhelming or challenging to interpret effectively at first.

4. Plagiarism Checker X

Best Plagiarism Checker ($2.95/month)

Lemetria’s Take

Plagiarism Checker X is a user-friendly software that quickly scans and compares written content against a vast database to identify plagiarism.

It’s essential for students, educators, and content creators who need to ensure the originality of their work, offering fast and accurate detection of copied material.

Best For

Overall Best Plagiarism Detector


$0.00/yr – $147.95/yr

Annual Discount

Yes – 2 Months Free

For new writers, particularly nurse writers venturing into the world of content creation, Plagiarism Checker X is an invaluable tool.

It ensures that their work remains unique and free from unintentional plagiarism, a critical aspect in maintaining credibility and professional integrity.

This is especially crucial in the medical and healthcare fields, where accurate and original content is paramount.

By using Plagiarism Checker X, new nurse writers can build trust with their audience and establish themselves as reliable sources of information. Additionally, it helps in learning and sticking to best practices in writing, making it a must-have in their writing toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Detects text-similarity from over 16+ billion web sources
  • 24/7/365 customer support  
  • Side-by-side comparisons 
  • Easy installation process with a single download for continuous access
  • Designed for ease of use, making it accessible for users of all skill levels
  • Reading level checker to ensure your writing is understandable for general readers
  • Quickly compare multiple documents for internal plagiarism, perfect for teachers, SEO, and writers 

Plagiarism Checker X is an essential asset for new nurse writers, particularly in alleviating the anxiety associated with submitting work to editors.

This tool not only ensures the authenticity of your content but also protects your professional reputation, giving you peace of mind with each submission.


Plagiarism Checker X offers three pricing plans: 

  • Basic – $0 annually (daily search limit, over 20 languages supported, free forever)
  • Professional – $39.95 annually (1 user license, unlimited words checked)
  • Business – $147.95 annually (5 user licenses, spreadsheet report, branding reports)

What I Like About Plagiarism Checker X:

  • The speed at which Plagiarism Checker X delivers precise plagiarism results makes the process both quick and reliable
  • The software’s pricing is cost-effective, especially considering the comprehensive features it offers, making it a budget-friendly choice for new writers

What I Dislike About Plagiarism Checker X:

  • Occasional “False Positives” where the tool flags common phrases as plagiarism, leading to extra work in verifying the results
  • The free version’s capabilities are too restricted, requiring a paid upgrade to fully explore its functionality

5. Grammarly

Best AI Proofreading Service trusted by over 35 million people worldwide ($30.00/month)

Lemetria’s Take

Grammarly is a cloud-based typing tool based in the United States.

It analyzes English text for various errors, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity.

The tool also evaluates the engagement and delivery of the text, checks for plagiarism, and offers suggestions to correct identified mistakes.

Grammarly provides options for users to tailor their writing style, tone, and language specific to different contexts.

Best For

Overall Proofreading


$0/mo – $30/mo

Annual Discount

Yes – 2 Months Free

Grammarly is an indispensable asset for new nurse writers and freelancers.

Its suggestions on tone and style help writers effectively communicate complex medical concepts or engage diverse audiences, enhancing the overall impact of your writing.

And you can always reach out to their customer support if you have any questions. Grammarly experts are available every time of the day via phone or live chat. 

Key Features:

  • Trusted by a third of Fortune 500 companies
  • Available in 500,000+ mobile, web, and desktop applications
  • Trusted by Over 3,000 educational institutions
  • Browser extension for sites like Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, and LinkedIn.
  • 24/7/365 customer support. 

Grammarly has become essential for writers, polishing grammar, clarity, and tone vital for clear communication.

Simply put, it’s indispensable for maintaining high writing standards and engaging readers effectively. 


Grammarly offers three pricing plans: 

  • Free – $0 monthly (Generate text with 100 AI prompts)
  • Premium – $30 monthly (Generate Text with 1,000 AI prompts) bandwidth)
  • Business – $25 monthly (SAML SSO, generate text with 2000 AI prompts)

What I Like About Grammarly:

  • The integrated plagiarism checker is an excellent feature.
  • Its compatibility with various platforms and browsers is a huge bonus so you can enhance your writing across different applications and websites.
  • The user-friendly interface is simpleicity, making it accessible even for those not tech-savvy.

What I Dislike About Grammarly:

  • AI may not fully grasp the specific context or nuance of the text, leading to inaccurate suggestions.
  • The plagiarism detector is better used as a secondary tool, especially for thorough or professional-level checks of document originality.