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A nurse writer at heart and entrepreneur by design.

If you want to learn how to tell stories that stand out (+ sell) in a crowded marketplace.

I’m Your Girl.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio USA by a feisty Black American family,

there are a few rules I live by…

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind loud and proud.

Trust your intuition, always.

Care about people. Caring matters.

Take risks without being afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

And if the boys can do it, so can you (in heels).


I was fresh outta the University of Toledo (UT) with a shiny new nursing degree. 

My plan? To become a high-power, high-paid nurse midwife who attended homebirths.

YEP – I wanted to catch babies in the middle of the night in their cozy homes for a living as a nurse. And hey, surprisingly, I was damn good at being a compassionate student nurse.

I was loud, passionate, opinionated, and emotionally invested in alternative medicine. So behind pharmacy,  I thought nursing school was the perfect place for me. But it didn’t start out like that.

Afterall, like many kids of the 80’s with ‘Boomer’ parents, I grew up believing there was 1 of a very-limited-number-of-professions I could be. 

When I got my start after graduating high school in 2002, my big brother was chest-deep in Pharmacy School, so it only made perfect sense for me to do the same… Except it didn’t.

I had this nagging feeling that becoming a pharmacist was not what I was meant to do – despite spending the majority of my teen and young adult life planning to be one.

I was serious and secured first real job as a pharmacy technician at the tender age of 16 in 2000 and subsequently passed the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam at 17 in 2001.

So after spending a few years at UT, I did what any lost and totally confused yet almost-University-grad does when reality strikes. I decided to switch my major…not once, but twice.

In 2004, I officially realized pharmacy wasn’t my thing and switched my major to Sociology with a minor in African-American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies.

I was the quintessential youthful college lib in my early 20s at the time, unsure of how the world actually works.

But I knew one thing, that I wanted to teach in some capacity. Which is why I set my goal to become a college professor at the time.  

But I had NO MONEY and as graduation was approaching in 2006-2007, I realized I would NEVER have any real money (at least soon) with my chosen path.

So I re-grouped AGAIN, and switched my major for the second time, to NURSING. It was super appealing to me because it allowed tremendous flexibility and had many specialties an RN could take, so for me, it was a natural fit.

And after watching Ricki Lake’s “The Business of Being Born”, I set my sights on becoming a house-call midwife and entered nursing school with extreme grit and determination, my first ever 4.0 GPA in 2007.

I was totally driven to succeed and realized that once I set my mind to something, no matter how high the obstacle, success was inevitable. 


Aside from becoming a Registered Nurse, this was also the first year that I became a mama! I gave birth to my first baby in 2009, quickly followed by my second in 2010.

And little did I know that this was the start of a baby boom that would change our family’s landscape forever. 

By this time, I realized that going back to school to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse midwife was out of the cards as I eventually welcomed 4 more children over the course of the decade.

And by God’s grace, I found a way to work from home as a nurse, doing utilization review for different insurance companies and government contractors. 

It kinda fell in my lap and ended up being the opportunity I never knew I needed when I became a nurse…a remote nursing job that allowed me to work in my pajamas AND be there for all my babies’ most important moments. 

I relished in this opportunity to be a work-at-home mama and eventually resigned that having the original career of my dreams as a nurse midwife was simply not in the cards for me.

Life had taken on an entirely different path for me, and in my heart, I knew that was okay. God had other plans for me. 


In 2018, my life took an unexpected turn that set the internet on fire. After giving birth to my 4th child in 2016, I embarked on a transformative journey with the keto diet. The result? A staggering 90-pound weight loss in just five months, eventually totaling 130 pounds in under a year.

It was more than just shedding weight; it was about breaking free from what had been holding me down for years, and reaching the healthiest version of myself.

My keto success story, shared in a simple video, unexpectedly went viral. At that moment, I was blissfully unaware of the world of blogging and content creation that I was about to enter.

Ironically, on the very day I launched my YouTube channel, I discovered I was pregnant with baby #5.

This joyous news came with a challenging twist — months of severe nausea, where my body craved nothing but junk food –and NOTHING KETO. It was a period of mixed blessings, as the hard-lost weight crept back on.

Yet, this phase of my life led to another beautiful chapter — experiencing my first homebirth in January 2019.

It was a powerful, healthy entry into the world for my son, followed by the birth of his brother, #6, in 2020 during the peak of the COVID pandemic in a planned unassisted homebirth.

Each step of my journey has woven into the rich tapestry of my life, shaping who I am today.


In Fall 2021, my world turned upside down. After facing the difficult decision to leave my federal contracting job due to vaccine mandates, I felt a profound sense of loss.

I faced a crossroads when President Joe Biden’s over-reaching mandate forced me OUT of a role that wasn’t just a job but my calling—combating Medicare fraud and safeguarding taxpayer dollars. 

It was a nursing role I cherished, one that resonated with my sense of purpose. The mandate, which felt like an intrusion, left me profoundly depressed and uncertain about the future, especially during what was unceremoniously labeled as a ‘Winter of Death‘ for the unvaccinated. 

The pandemic had already funneled us into a single income household, with my husband transitioning to full-time homeschooling after his job was claimed by the COVID-19 shutdowns. It was an emotional challenge my family will NEVER forget.

Yet, it was this very upheaval that steered me towards a new horizon: Freelance Writing.

With no portfolio to my name, I plunged into the nurse writing domain and began to quickly turn a profit.

I navigated the new waters to secure high-paying clients, even collaborating with notable figures like Nurse Blake as his podcast writer–which significantly boosted my career.

Now, I’m on a mission to guide others through the maze to financial freedom and the rewarding independence that freelance nurse writing can bring.


“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

— Chris Grosser

Fast forward to 2023, and life has thrown its share of curveballs my way with various personal challenges.

But I bounced back with a fierce determination, channeling my creative energies into writing and producing impactful documentaries for my 90s-themed YouTube channel while simultaneously scaling my freelance copywriting business.

This year also marked the beginning of an adventurous chapter as a travel nurse, a role that allowed me to explore America’s vast landscapes and diversify my nursing expertise in Case Management, building upon a solid foundation of years in Utilization Review.

This journey has not just been about geographical exploration but also about deepening my professional expertise. My freelance writing as a nurse has reached new heights, to a point where I can now choose my clients selectively, aligning with those who truly value my work.

And for YOU–I’ve turned these experiences into a free masterclass designed to guide you through the nuances of identifying worthwhile clients and avoiding the pitfalls of time-wasting and unprofitable engagements.

My objective is clear: to guide those who find their way to me, showing how a nursing degree can be the gateway to a thriving entrepreneurial career as a nurse writer.

With a combination of steadfast mindset, grit, and determination, I aim to lead others to a level of success beyond their dreams.

My step-by-step guidance is designed to help you build a profitable career from the very beginning, charting a course toward financial freedom and fulfilling professional autonomy. 

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