Blog Like a Startup, Not a Writer.

I launched my freelance writing career in 2021 and scaled it to a 6-figure business in under 2 years. I want to share everything I learned along the way.

Watch my blogging videos on YouTube.

Blog Like a Startup, Not a Writer.

I launched my blog in 2019 and scaled it to a 7-figure business in under 2 years. I want to share everything I learned along the way.

Watch my blogging videos on YouTube.


To Grow Your Blog in 2024, You Need to Scale.

I founded this blog with a clear mission: to demonstrate that profitable blogging is achievable when treated like a serious business from the outset.

The stark reality is that more than 95% of new freelance writers don’t make it. Why?

Traditional blogging wisdom suggests starting with a passion, consistently creating content, and eventually thinking about monetization. However, this approach often neglects immediate revenue generation, leading to years of directionless content creation and ultimately, disillusionment or relegation of the blog to a mere hobby.

Failure in blogging isn’t due to a lack of passion. It stems from the difficulty in transitioning from being merely a writer to becoming a business owner. There’s a vast difference between enjoying a passion and writing about it persistently.

This realization led me to a different approach: treating my blog as a legitimate business from day one. I applied my learnings from content creation and scaled my writing like a startup, evolving from a struggling writer to a successful CEO. This shift resulted in reaching over 50,000 monthly readers and generating over $100k in revenue.

My goal now is to teach this systematic approach to you. Learn to expedite your journey towards passive income in 2024 and beyond with these strategies.

On this page, you’ll discover:



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Read My Essential Guide on Starting a Profitable Writing Career

Embarking on a new writing career can be straightforward and easy. My comprehensive guide is designed to lead you through every stage, providing clear, step-by-step instructions.

Learn how to start a profitable freelance writing career as a nurse in 10 easy steps. Follow this step-by-step guide to discover the tactics I used to make $100k with… READ MORE


Read My Blog Freelancing Income Reports

In 2021, facing job loss due to pandemic-related mandates, I pivoted from a decade in nursing Utilization Review to forge a new path as a nurse writer.

Armed with resilience and ambition, I swiftly carved out a niche for myself in the competitive freelance writing market. You can track my journey and growth here.

Longing for a business venture that was truly mine, one that could weather any employment uncertainty, I dove into writing, something that has always come naturally to me. Juggling the new responsibilities of motherhood with my sixth child, I started this venture as a side gig.

My mission was to demonstrate that with smart strategies, anyone could turn their professional knowledge into a substantial side income—in a matter of months, not years.

Now a full-time freelance writer, I’ve crossed the $100k mark, an achievement I reached without an existing portfolio or writing background.

To get a glimpse of my earnings and progress, follow my updates by subscribing to my YouTube channel.


Copywriting won't be hard if you let me help.

In the vast blogging landscape, countless strategies vie for attention, each promising success. We all have a different sauce so to speak. My approach cuts through the noise, offering you a tried-and-true formula.

Writing can be overwhelming, with a dizzying array of tools, complex SEO techniques, and shortcuts all competing for your focus.

Yet, beneath the buzz, there are core principles that drive blogging success, and I’m here to guide you through them, ensuring you build on a solid foundation.

Transforming words into freelance success stories.

In the realm of freelance writing, it’s crucial to shift focus from random niche sites to building a career that’s intrinsically linked to your personal brand.

Writing niches that resonate with your identity have a lower risk of failure and offer the flexibility to adapt as needed. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal at the outset. It’s more about getting started with the right tools. I’ll guide you through selecting the ideal software and setup to get your blog up and running.

Our mantra here is simple yet powerful: ‘Good enough, move on.’

This approach ensures you progress without getting bogged down in the quest for perfection.

Blogging is a Google-driven engine.

As you embark on your writing journey and publish your initial posts, the next crucial step is to concentrate on link building.

If you create a blog, enhancing your blog’s Domain Authority (DA) becomes a top priority to ensure you stand out in the competitive landscape. I will guide you on how to effectively allocate your time, focusing on strategies that significantly boost your business growth.


Blogging is about building real relationships.

While it feels secure to remain behind your computer screen, meticulously crafting your work, the true challenge lies in stepping out of your comfort zone to build tangible influence. This is a necessary step in your writing journey.

I’m here to show you how to collaborate effectively with other writers, master the art of guest blogging outreach, create valuable link-building strategies, and ultimately amplify your authority in the writing world.

Blogging is staking your digital claim.

Consider your writing prowess as a digital asset, akin to real estate, that accrues value gradually. I’m here to guide you on how your writing can influence purchasing decisions, enhance your personal influence, and eventually evolve into a powerhouse for affiliate marketing revenue.